If you find you want a larger robot than the standard 100x80mm Rosmo platform this is a larger 170x110mm option that also uses the Open Robotic Platform mount holes. You’ll note that most the electronics components are shared between this verson and the smaller bot, making an upgrade easy and affordable. You can also re-use the 100x80mm ESP32 mounting plate from the smaller robot to save soldering/fabrication cost.


Status: untested work in progeress

~£? ~$? for 4wd can be reduced, by using existing powerbank for example

Components Description Quantity
Rosmo-M Chassis Plates Custom PCB Chassis 5
Motors with encoder, mount & 65mm wheels JGA25 or JGB-37 4
Motor Driver Zio H-bridge Motor Driver 1
Heatsinks for motor Driver 12x13x7mm 2
ESP32-S3-C1 Olimex open hardware, UK US or generic version 1
USB powerbank battery case 1x or 2x 18650 battery or open hardware 18650 battery 1
1,2, or 3x 18650 Batteries 1
3S Lipo battery ~$21 2200Mah or ~$38 4000Mah 1
3S charger USB charger 1
XT60 > Barrel cable power cable 1
XT60 > switch power cable 1
6pin 1.5mm(ZH) > 2mm encoder cable 100mm cable 1
Barrel> Screw terminal barrel adaptor 1
Battery> Motor driver cable JST cable 2
Qwiic cable For connecting ESP32 1
Hex Spacers 45mm height M3 standoff 1
M2 Bolts & nuts 400pc Bolt pack 1
M3 Bolts & nuts From Bolt pack 10
Screw Driver 2 in 1 Flat and Philips Head Screw Driver 1
Optional (recommended) IMU MPU6500 or BNO085 2
Optional LiDAR Kit for use with ROS2 LiDAR module, USB Cable and Data Convertor Box 1

Please refer to the 100x80mm Rosmo platform page for software & addons information.