XRP-4 BOM (WIP) 100% open hardware

Or alternately a upgraded or 18650 battery or open hardware 18650 battery

Additional components



How to run this bot with ROS2 (WIP)

  • Install Virtualbox
  • Download the OVA file (work in progress) and load it in Virtualbox. ~6Gb ~5hr download.
  • Start the virtual machine (password is ros2)
  • In the linux desktop Open VScode
  • If using a ESP3 configure platformio.ini to match, defaults to PicoW.
  • Build the firmware and flash to your device.
  • Put the device in your robot car & start it
  • Search the network for your-robot-ip using AngryIP
  • Launch ROS2
  • Open http://your-robot-ip:8888/ in a browser and control the car
  • Have fun

Other PicoW or ESP32 cars

Notes on software installed on the Ubuntu 22.04 Virtualbox image, or compute module

apt-get update

sudo apt remove unattended-upgrades

sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop thonny nemo chromium

mkdir install

cd install




bash install_linorobot2.bash


Install platformio

Install vscode extensions c/c++ & platformio manually “code –install-extension myextension.vsix

git config –system core.longpaths true

git clone -b $ROS_DISTRO


Rosboard fork


  • Get at strong foundation in open-source electronics and prototyping
  • Gain intuition on mechanical prototyping and design with dc brush motors, servo motors and stepper motors
  • Apply basic machine learning and computer vision to a small project

Older notes on robotics education

Derived from work by Mithi 🐳 ☕️

1) Microblocks

2) Micropython

3) Arduino

4) Python

5) ROS2

Stem robots

Xiaogui Fluffbug

Further Courses

Single Courses

Useful Concepts and Tools

Top 100 universities

Archived Courses

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UK undergraduate

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